Dealing with Sleep Deprivation

If you’re a single adult, have a partner or are a parent, you wont need informing that you require all the sleep you can get. Sometimes you might be so tired that you can barely remember things such as your own name, where you last saw or left your car or house keys or what you need to do that day or the upcoming days thereafter. A good nights sleep is of course going to be your remedy for this but will sometimes seem impossible to those dealing with sleep deprivation. Even more so when you possibly have animals or a baby or child to look after. Here’s how you could get through dealing with your sleep deprivation and all your sleepless nights.

Good Night Sleep

If you frequently get deprived from your sleep or have four to five nights of broken sleep per week you may feel sleep deprived. Sometimes cases like this occur when a couple have a new born as it is perfectly normal to go weeks or months in some cases with just a few hours of sleep per night, almost always deprived or broken at some point. If you feel like you’re sleep deprived you’ll have slower responses and reactions, you’ll also find it difficult to concentrate. You may then find yourself giving up on tasks which you had previously planned to do throughout the day or before they are complete. Additionally, it is not uncommon for people to struggle on even though what you’re doing will not end well.


Apart from symptoms of excessive tiredness, signs you may also be sleep deprived include but are not limited to: Feeling emotional, stress or anger toward a significant other, disorientation, clumsiness, difficulty communicating with people where there wasn’t difficulty before, having difficulty concentrating and being less or sometimes more hungry than usual.


So I bet you’re wondering how can you combat all of these. Well for starters, don’t hit that snooze button in the morning, as soon as your alarm is going off… GET UP! you need to build yourself a routine and stay consistent with it, don’t let yourself oversleep the day or become lax with your morning routines. You must keep on top of everything! If you do struggle with this, try keeping water next to the side of your bed, this will definitely help as when you wake up and refresh your mouth with some water it should give you some energy to get yourself out of bed and make it to the shower!


As for staying focused, at home you need to build yourself a routine filled with rigorous exercise both in the mornings and evenings. Even if you feel like you wouldn’t be able to, it is essential that you get exercise into your daily routine! First I would ease your way into it, in the mornings try to complete a few star jumps, run around the garden a few times or jog up and down the stairs. Basically do anything to get the blood moving around! Once you have your routine finished you can finally relax in the evening and due to the fatigue of your daily routing you should be able to easily doze off.


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